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When Israel invaded southern Lebanon in mid-2006, he was ignominiously rejected by Iran-backed Hezbollah. Since then, the Jewish state has entered so “we must annihilate Iran”, making it impossible to drag US its war against Iran. Almost seven years later, the ‘windows of opportunity’ for Israel are closing rapidly.

“My older brother will beat …”

This is still the implicit message from Israel to Iran. While Bush Junior, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and neocons in Washington ruled, associate US this warmongering effort against Iran was not too difficult. Especially considering that Israel always has “a little help from his friends” within the powerful US .: Israeli ‘lobby’ pro led by AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee).

The problems for Israel worsened in 2008 when Bush was replaced by Barack Obama, whose team Democrats are not all fans of type ‘Israel First’.

To this it is added the growing resistance of the ‘Establishment’ military US foreign policy a highly controlled by the ‘lobby’ pro Israel, which led to US successive fiascos in Iraq, Afghanistan and the growing collapse of the ‘Arab Spring’.

Over large sections of American and world public opinion are becoming aware of the danger posed by this American addiction to Israel, which makes US fight the wars of Israel, against its own national interest.

In his last message to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu displayed a graph shaped like a bomb with which tried to show the world how close is the “big, bad Iran” have an atomic bomb, he says, used to delete the “good little Israel” off the map.

Clearly, Netanyahu would have loved Zionist billionaire Mitt Romney entered the White House in the November presidential election in the US but he failed and Obama still occupying it. To make matters worse, Obama had the audacity to appoint a ‘non-Zionist’, Chuck Hagel, moderate Pentagon chief.

Well it seems that US It has adopted a more moderate position on the ‘Iran problem’, aware of the serious geopolitical dangers that any unilateral US military attack, Israel and NATO against Iran would result because it could escalate into a direct confrontation with Russia.

Meanwhile, Iran does not budge regarding its nuclear program, a subject in which the Obama Administration has taken a stance strangely calm. Nor surprising that the US seems to have given a subtle nod to Argentina to enter into bilateral negotiations with Iran over the case of terrorist attack on the AMIA AMIA in Buenos Aires in 1994, after Bush obtained that Argentine President Nestor Kirchner falsely accused Iran of it . All based on “evidence” provided by the CIA and Mossad in October 2006, months after the Israeli defeat in Lebanon.

So, what exactly is going on here? What is the reason US and Israel seem to be quarreling about how to approach Iran?

US’s worst nightmare

It seems that the US and Israel today have interests and increasingly divergent goals for Iran.

Those of Israel are easy to understand: Iran is your greatest enemy and one of the few countries that can exert a strong, independent and credible leadership in the Muslim world. Among its ‘unyielding’ objectives it is to sweep the Zionist regime in Palestine: what the Western yellow press misrepresented as “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map”.

United States, however, has a different concern: nothing to do with the Iranian nuclear program, but with the dollar.

For many decades, using the Federal Reserve Bank, USA It has been issuing huge amounts of dollars unbacked to finance its huge deficit now climbed to more than 15 billion dollars.

That’s all fine as long as the money flow and finish “somewhere far side”: for example, the treasures of central banks of friendly countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and even countries not as friendly as China; or while you keep turning and turning in such financial carousels that are bond markets and … .in the huge global market for oil.
Washington’s message is clear: “Keep turning those dollars and invested in those markets … so we can continue to issue more and more dollars!”.

Of course, none dare call this “inflation”. The technocrats have invented most elegant euphemisms like ‘Relief Quantitative I, II and III’, ‘financing toxic assets’ or ‘rescue mega-banks too big to fail …’.

But no matter how you call it, inflation always has the same rotten smell.

Public Enemies

In the background, USA He knows that it is a giant with feet of clay. If China, for example, decided to sell its nearly two trillion reserves in Treasuries and other dollar denominated financial instruments changing them short-term euro would generate an inflationary disaster in US

But it is not likely to happen, at least not now- due to the complexity of global financial markets makes neither China nor any other power with large dollar reserves are ready to take such action.

However there is another much more physical, concrete and other strategic threat that keeps you awake to Washington: the oil market.

Here we are one of the reasons why this American free ride is coming to an end. We can plot like this: whenever Argentina, South Africa or Japan need to buy a barrel of crude oil, its people must work to earn the $ 100 it costs in the international market. US, however, only need to print $ 100 to buy that oil. The same applies to claim the money needed to invade Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan annihilate: print the money needed to keep oil flowing and keep falling bombs

It is understood? ‘That’s easy being a’ superpower ‘!!

But delve deeper into the subject … Imagine what would happen if those billions and billions of petrodollars that are rotated and regurgitate globally suddenly escape the control of the three three- -ysolamente oil markets in New York, London and Dubai trading exclusively in dollars … If, for example, any country or group of oil exporting countries create a cuartomercado oil, which no longer traded in dollars but in euros, yen, rubles and yuan …

Considering the huge amounts of oil consumed by China, India and Japan, it arises a new and successful oil market, the same shift huge volumes of petrodollars would turn away from global circuits, moving to the US domestic financial circuits.

Can you imagine what that would mean that suddenly hundreds of billions of petrodollars and ‘released’ to flow back to the US?

Massive destruction weapons

Like the proverbial cat playing with the mouse between its paws, since at least 2005 this is exactly what they are doing Iran threatens to open a fourth oil market would use other currencies instead of the dollar. If you do, you probably China would support considering that gets much of its oil from Iran; also India.

If the Chavistas manage to stay in power, Venezuela could also be attached to this new market … Do you understand now because US Venezuela needs control? We sell their oil in dollars but …!

Even Russia, which does not need Iranian oil, could well accompany such a project for geopolitical reasons more than economic considering its growing clashes with the West. Last year there were even strong rumors that India would buy oil from Iran paying for it with metallic gold.

The Iranians understand this perfectly and use it strategically. Do not forget that their Persian ancestors were the inventors of chess …

So, how I would love to US annihilate Iran! But not for its nuclear program but the blow that may deal him the dollar. Do not forget that this has already happened twice in the last decade:

1. IRAQ: As part of UN sanctions after the first Gulf War was allowed Saddam Hussein to sell 1,000 billion of Iraqi oil in exchange for food and medicines. Suddenly in 2000 that Saddam started selling oil in euros. Immediately afterwards, the neoconservative Bush and Blair announced to the world that Iraq had stockpiles of “weapons of mass destruction” and if he is not expelled Saddam from power, you’ll soon have atomic clouds over London, Washington and New York! Then, in March 2003 the US, the UK and NATO attacked and destroyed Iraq, making lynching Saddam Hussein. And the “weapons of mass destruction”? “Sorry !! … we were wrong, but … Iraq today continues to sell its oil in dollars”.

2. LIBYA: In 2010 Muammar Gaddafi thought to create a new currency for oil trade all North African Gold Denarius be called to replace the dollar. Immediately afterwards the world learned by the US, France and Britain that Gaddafi was a formidable monster that must be annihilated. In 2011 also they attacked Libya assassinating Gaddafi to laughter televised Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Today Libya lies destroyed, but its new ‘authorities’ Libyan oil sold exclusively in dollars …

Points hatching

The key question now is to know what will prevail in the weeks and months to come: if the American national interest or national interest Israel.

This is a matter of real ‘Machtpolitik’ highest level.

So, just in case, the major Western multimedia obediently keep “all options on the table” issuing bellicose items to remind the world how bad are the Iranians with their insidious nuclear ambitions, how vulnerable is the Israel pobrecita with its security problems (after all that it is the reason why you are allowed to maintain the unique arsenal of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, right?); the delicate state of the global financial system that makes it must not allow anyone to ‘rock the boat’ and, of course, the eternal ‘War on Terror’.

But we already know; the gas masks, CPAP MasksĀ are falling. What is really about oil, dollar, to keep the global financial system alive artificially for the benefit of usurers megabanqueros; and as always, it comes to Israel.

At the same time what is not is to defend the interests of the toiling masses in the US, Europe and the world. And finally, it is not about promoting authentic Democracy and Peoples’ Rights.