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“How are the showers?”

What of the shower head reviews was certainly a very important issue yesterday. The forecast was too optimistic and the Spanish soldiers still take three more hours to arrive. Guided, for security reasons, a snail’s pace by US units, the long journey from the border of Kuwait to Diwaniya was exhausting, at a frustratingly slow pace and hindered by a sandstorm. Circumstances that were apparent on the faces of the Spanish soldiers when they descended from the truck and entered the barracks.

Saddam’s Army

The showers awaiting the soldiers in the barracks were, of course, campaign. After the long journey, it can not be said that the vision of the headquarters of Diwaniya was a heavenly image. Installation, former headquarters of divisions 10 and 18 of the Iraqi army, is a dusty wasteland, punishable by a blazing sun and a scorching wind raises clouds of dust.

“In 15 days will be perfect” yesterday Undeterred, said Castells commander in charge of logistics deployment Spanish and having an undeniable resemblance with Xavier Sard, presenter Martian Chronicles . Castells and Cuesta lead in the area of Diwaniya since July 7, preparing the logistics for the arrival of the troops and coordination with the US and Polish commanders.

The heat, the first enemy

Reasonable similarities aside, the fact is that the landscape where is located the headquarters has trimmed Martian planet, so desolate, and the ships where soldiers sleep are also stark. The first detachment of Spanish troops occupy five buildings in which, lined up in two rows, fit 30 pallets of military campaign inevitable and so typical olive green military.

Six ceiling fans and an air conditioner, powered generators are the main weapon against the tremendous heat, along with some coolers filled with white cork ice in the cold drink thanks to large ice bars is maintained. Iraqi tip pure technology.

“Do you know if women come with Spanish soldiers? How beautiful it is said in Spanish?” .For various reasons, but mostly because his arrival means that they can return home, US Marines waiting with open arms to their Spanish counterparts. “They look good, not bad” , he said a marine critically –hablando only militares– issues when the Spanish detachment formed, including vehicles, in an open barracks.

“The Americans have treated us well. It is surprising how many people speak Spanish in the Army, not only those of Hispanic origin know the language , “ she pointed the commander Castells. Among the Spanish commanders he had also yesterday good words about the Polish officers under whose command will work the Spanish troops in Diwaniya. The first impression was good. “They have things very clear” , he added one of them.

Chapurrear the Castilian

There was no fanfare in the arrival of the Spanish endowment to the area, despite the historic mission. US Marines watched the Spaniards calmly, almost lazily. By failing, there was not the ubiquitous public media that an act of this nature are not lost. Neither TVE, or RNE.

Yes, Diwaniya soon chapurreará Spanish. Yesterday, some children and shouted “Hi, Pepsi – Cola” , as intuited that his interlocutor was Spanish. The same phrase used by street vendors in Cairo or Amman. The tagline no border.

Weary, Spanish soldiers arrived yesterday. It was just a small part of the provision that at the end of August, will be deployed in the area. Thus, it can already be said that Spain is part of the occupation forces from Iraq.