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Delta Air Lines suffers cyber attacks from ISIS on social networks

Magazine Newsweek and the airline Delta Air Lines (http://www.deltaextranet.org) were yesterday victims of two separate computer attacks on their accounts of Twitter and Facebook , respectively, but has not been able to establish whether they are linked to an affiliated group the Islamic State (EI) that Attributed the attack to the publication.

Newsweek’s profile on the social network of “microblogging” was taken over by the so-called jihadist group, who called for a “ciberyihad” against the US, published data from the Pentagon and wished the first lady of the country, Michelle Obama, “a Bloody Valentine”.
“While the United States and its satellites are killing our brothers in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, we are destroying their national cybersecurity from within,” said the text that was published on the Twitter account of the publication around 10.45 local time 15.45 GMT).
The hacking group calls itself “The Cybercrime Islamic State” and threatens Americans by saying: “We know all about you and your family and we are much closer than you would ever imagine. There will be no pity for the infidels! “
During the cyberattack they also published a list of “brave mujahideen”, supposed Pentagon documents containing data from US soldiers, as well as a tweet in which they told Michelle Obama: “We are watching over you, your daughters and your husband.”
Finally, they included a message saying “Je su IS IS” (referring to the hashtag “Je Suis Charlie” after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine).
All the tweets disappeared from the account at 10 minutes and the magazine itself reported that those responsible for this cyberattack are the same who already “hacked” the accounts of the singer Taylor Swift or the Central Command.
“We apologize to all our readers for the offensive content that has been sent in this time and we are working to reinforce the security measures from now on in our editorial,” said the director of the magazine, Kira Bindrim, in a statement.
The Delta airline’s account was also hacked, this time on the Facebook social network, where a link to an article titled “Ten Reasons Girls Not They perform fellatio. “
The attack has not yet been attributed to any group and the content is unrelated to Newsweek but the company, after deleting the message, has asked “sincere apologies for the unauthorized and unpleasant content that has been published.”