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Care Package To Iraq

Sending a care package to Iraq is one of the best ways to boost the morale of our troops and civilians alike.

At most camps in Iraq, the PX (base store) runs out of popular items quickly. It does not carry very many items in war zones in most cases. The merchandise in Iraq at the base stores is priced high. To help out your loved ones, please send care packages to Iraq for them.

If you do not have loved ones there, ask some friends and people at your church for names and addresses of troops and civilians that they know who are currently serving in Iraq. Then do your part and show them how much you appreciate their service. Send them some snack foods and toiletries from home so they know they are appreciated and not taken for granted by their country. Enclose a note thanking them for their service.

Of course, you will want to send boxes to your loved ones. But sometimes it is good to send things for your loved ones to share with co-workers.

Some of our military and civilian personnel never get boxes of goodies from home. Perhaps they have no family. Maybe there is no one who cares about them. Perhaps the people at home just don't want to be bothered with packing and mailing a box. And in some cases, family and friends do not believe in what their loved one is doing. So we can boost their morale and let them know we appreciate their sacrifice by sending some things for them, too.


Food items are always a big hit in your package to Iraq. Bake several batches of home-baked cookies and pack them in plastic wrap-lined tins to keep them fresh. Send enough for the whole unit to enjoy.

Send large bags of candy, gum, and chocolates so your loved one can divide them among his/her friends. Ground gourmet coffees and powdered flavored creamers are also appreciated. My husband loves to receive these in a care package to Iraq.

Individually wrapped snacks are great to put in your care package to Iraq. Buy assorted chips, pretzels, crackers, cookies, fruit snacks, breakfast bars, dried fruits, trail mix, nuts, sunflower seeds, jerky...whatever snacks you think will be enjoyed. They will be!

Chocolate is a favorite but can only be sent when cool weather arrives. Otherwise it will melt. Even M&M's will melt in the summertime.

Some soldiers like to have their favorite drinks (not alcohol) sent to them since it is not available here. I have known people who had Dad's Root Beer or Big Red sent, since these cannot be found here.

Remember that alcohol is not allowed so do not send that!

What else can you put in the care package to Iraq? Pack some magazines and paperback books that can be passed around. CD's of new music and newly released DVD's are also greatly appreciated.

Personal items, like baby wipes, soaps, shampoo, deodorant, q-tips, powder, and lotion are popular coveted items to put in.

Small flashlights and extra batteries make a thoughtful gift and are inexpensive.

Put yourself in their shoes. Pretend you are in a hot, smelly war zone. What do you think would help make it more bearable? Buy several of those items at a time and send them in a care package to Iraq.

Perhaps your church or club can make this a project, with everyone bringing in different items to send once or twice a month or at holiday times. It is a great way for your organization to help boost the morale of loved ones and their co-workers who are so far away.

A Package Just For Your Loved One

So your loved one wants you to send a care package to Iraq. What should you put in the care package?

I have sent many care packages to Iraq over the past five years. Sometimes David wants necessities such as work uniforms, shoes, coats, sweats, sheets, etc. Sometimes he wants Visine since the sand really hurts his eyes. Sometimes he wants goodies.

The PX only carries certain items at one time, depending on what they get in on supply trucks. With the insurgents and their roadside bombs, trucks are delayed or blown up so many things do not arrive at the PX in a timely manner.

Also, David is a large man and many times the PX does not have his size. So I go to Wal-Mart or wherever I can find a bargain and purchase what he needs. Then I mail out the care package to Iraq and he has it about two weeks later.

Some of the best things to put in a care package from home are things you know he or she will love such as photos of the family and/or a beloved pet. (No, not the pet, just a photo of the pet!)

Favorite snacks such as cookies, chips, candies, and gum are coveted by everyone over there. Chocolate is in high demand but if you mail it in the summer, it will arrive as liquid. Mail plenty of chocolate in your care package to Iraq during the winter months so the troops can store it in the cool air conditioned housing if they are so fortunate to have it.

Most bases do have it now. When David first arrived in Iraq five years ago, he stayed in a tent for a while. Things are much better for troops and civilians now.

Baby wipes are another coveted item that you should stockpile into a package to Iraq. Send some big boxes of them, along with small convenient-to-carry pouches so they can take the wipes with them in their pocket. That way, the small pouches can be reloaded again and again.

Hand sanitizer is also great to carry. Just make sure that it is placed inside of a sealed ziplock bag. That way, if it does come open, it will not get all over the contents of everything else in the box.

Batteries for flashlights and radios are also wanted items as the PX does not always have them in stock. Again, pack them in ziplock bags in case they explode and don't send them in hot weather.

My husband likes to burn small aromatherapy candles in his room while he reads. A little bit of aromatherapy in a stench-filled place lifts the soul so consider sending candles in the cooler months in a ziplock bag. Don't forget to send a small metal candle holder so he/she can safely burn the candles. Do not attempt to send matches or a lighter. These are not allowed by the United States Post Office!


CD's and DVD's are also big requested items. The PX carries very few music CD's and movies. Most of them are not the big movie hits that we get to buy at Wal-Mart. So every few weeks, send one or two in a package to Iraq so they have something new to look at. It makes them forget they are in a war zone and adds a touch of normalcy to their lives.

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