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Iraq and Afghanistan Up Close and Personal

Are you bound for the Middle East? Have you been wondering what Iraq and Afghanistan are like? Well this site gives information about both. This site is filled with information about the Middle East.

If you are with the United States military or you have been hired as a civilian contractor to serve in the Middle East, you will want to know what to expect. I have worked with some of the native people and people from many other countries around the world, not just Americans. Civilians and military personnel work together to defeat the terrorists in both countries.

The land is a desert, yet for a few months each year, you think you are experiencing Noah's flood. For most of the year, it is hot with temperatures exceeding 130 degrees and yet some nights a winter coat is required. Believe it or not, some parts up in the mountains actually get snow!

Afghanistan is a bit different with it tall peaks, colder winters and milder summers.

It is filled with many peace-loving people and yet there are so many hateful insurgents and terrorists who want to kill all Americans--The same Americans who have purchased the Iraqi and Afghanistan people's freedom with their very lives.

By the way, most Iraqi civilians were very happy to have us in their country, helping them to obtain freedom from terrorists. They just wanted to live in peace and were glad that we were there to defeat Saddam Hussein.

After my four years in Iraqi territory, I spent a year in Afghanistan so there is a bit about that country on this site as well. During my travels, some of my jobs took me to other Middle Eastern countries for some interesting times. I made many close friendships during the war. War does that whether you are in the military or if you are a civilian.

As you read the site, keep in mind that the situation in Middle East is constantly changing so some of my information may be old. If you have current information then we would appreciate it if you would send it to us.

I also try to post as much job information as I can. However, it is very hard for me to keep it up to date. A lot of it may be out of date but you will at least get an idea on where and how to apply.

But, since American is bringing her children home, then many of the civilian jobs are disappearing. One recruiter told me that it is nothing to have 100,000 resumes for one opening.

Enjoy the site.

Latest Post

Delta Air Lines suffers cyber attacks from ISIS on social networks

Magazine Newsweek and the airline Delta Air Lines (http://www.deltaextranet.org) were yesterday victims of two separate computer attacks on their accounts of Twitter and Facebook , respectively, but has not been able to establish whether they are linked to an affiliated group the Islamic State (EI) that Attributed the attack to the publication.

Newsweek’s profile on the social network of “microblogging” was taken over by the so-called jihadist group, who called for a “ciberyihad” against the US, published data from the Pentagon and wished the first lady of the country, Michelle Obama, “a Bloody Valentine”.
“While the United States and its satellites are killing our brothers in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, we are destroying their national cybersecurity from within,” said the text that was published on the Twitter account of the publication around 10.45 local time 15.45 GMT).
The hacking group calls itself “The Cybercrime Islamic State” and threatens Americans by saying: “We know all about you and your family and we are much closer than you would ever imagine. There will be no pity for the infidels! “
During the cyberattack they also published a list of “brave mujahideen”, supposed Pentagon documents containing data from US soldiers, as well as a tweet in which they told Michelle Obama: “We are watching over you, your daughters and your husband.”
Finally, they included a message saying “Je su IS IS” (referring to the hashtag “Je Suis Charlie” after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine).
All the tweets disappeared from the account at 10 minutes and the magazine itself reported that those responsible for this cyberattack are the same who already “hacked” the accounts of the singer Taylor Swift or the Central Command.
“We apologize to all our readers for the offensive content that has been sent in this time and we are working to reinforce the security measures from now on in our editorial,” said the director of the magazine, Kira Bindrim, in a statement.
The Delta airline’s account was also hacked, this time on the Facebook social network, where a link to an article titled “Ten Reasons Girls Not They perform fellatio. “
The attack has not yet been attributed to any group and the content is unrelated to Newsweek but the company, after deleting the message, has asked “sincere apologies for the unauthorized and unpleasant content that has been published.”

“How are the showers?”

What of the shower head reviews was certainly a very important issue yesterday. The forecast was too optimistic and the Spanish soldiers still take three more hours to arrive. Guided, for security reasons, a snail’s pace by US units, the long journey from the border of Kuwait to Diwaniya was exhausting, at a frustratingly slow pace and hindered by a sandstorm. Circumstances that were apparent on the faces of the Spanish soldiers when they descended from the truck and entered the barracks.

Saddam’s Army

The showers awaiting the soldiers in the barracks were, of course, campaign. After the long journey, it can not be said that the vision of the headquarters of Diwaniya was a heavenly image. Installation, former headquarters of divisions 10 and 18 of the Iraqi army, is a dusty wasteland, punishable by a blazing sun and a scorching wind raises clouds of dust.

“In 15 days will be perfect” yesterday Undeterred, said Castells commander in charge of logistics deployment Spanish and having an undeniable resemblance with Xavier Sard, presenter Martian Chronicles . Castells and Cuesta lead in the area of Diwaniya since July 7, preparing the logistics for the arrival of the troops and coordination with the US and Polish commanders.

The heat, the first enemy

Reasonable similarities aside, the fact is that the landscape where is located the headquarters has trimmed Martian planet, so desolate, and the ships where soldiers sleep are also stark. The first detachment of Spanish troops occupy five buildings in which, lined up in two rows, fit 30 pallets of military campaign inevitable and so typical olive green military.

Six ceiling fans and an air conditioner, powered generators are the main weapon against the tremendous heat, along with some coolers filled with white cork ice in the cold drink thanks to large ice bars is maintained. Iraqi tip pure technology.

“Do you know if women come with Spanish soldiers? How beautiful it is said in Spanish?” .For various reasons, but mostly because his arrival means that they can return home, US Marines waiting with open arms to their Spanish counterparts. “They look good, not bad” , he said a marine critically –hablando only militares– issues when the Spanish detachment formed, including vehicles, in an open barracks.

“The Americans have treated us well. It is surprising how many people speak Spanish in the Army, not only those of Hispanic origin know the language , “ she pointed the commander Castells. Among the Spanish commanders he had also yesterday good words about the Polish officers under whose command will work the Spanish troops in Diwaniya. The first impression was good. “They have things very clear” , he added one of them.

Chapurrear the Castilian

There was no fanfare in the arrival of the Spanish endowment to the area, despite the historic mission. US Marines watched the Spaniards calmly, almost lazily. By failing, there was not the ubiquitous public media that an act of this nature are not lost. Neither TVE, or RNE.

Yes, Diwaniya soon chapurreará Spanish. Yesterday, some children and shouted “Hi, Pepsi – Cola” , as intuited that his interlocutor was Spanish. The same phrase used by street vendors in Cairo or Amman. The tagline no border.

Weary, Spanish soldiers arrived yesterday. It was just a small part of the provision that at the end of August, will be deployed in the area. Thus, it can already be said that Spain is part of the occupation forces from Iraq.

In the midst of war, a restaurant in Baghdad unites Sunnis and Shias

BAGHDAD – Long before the world knew of the existence of Fallujah because of the deadly jihadists, the city was known throughout Iraq by the kebab (fatty lamb, ground and mixed with onions, grilled on a skewer on a campfire, served with a pinch of sumac) from a local called Haji Hussein.

It seemed that everyone ate in Haji Hussein: local, soldiers, tourists and businessmen who traveled the highway from Baghdad to Amman through the city. In that region, from 2003, journalists war, American soldiers and insurgents who fought against them ate there and even maybe they did together.

On several occasions, the restaurant was hit by bombs and once was reduced to rubble by a US airstrike. They rebuilt as a symbol of rebirth of Fallujah after years of war, but then was abandoned when the city fell under the control of the Islamic State more than two years ago.

Now, the famous kebab restaurant has been reborn again, this time in a modern three-story building in the elegant neighborhood of Mansour in Baghdad.

Continue reading the main story Photo

The famous kebab restaurant has been reborn again, this time in Baghdad in a modern three – story building in the neighborhood of Mansour. CreditBryan Denton for The New York Times

As a new member of the burgeoning dining scene in the capital, offers the best kebab and a dose of nostalgia for a time when Baghdadi did not think twice about going to Fallujah to eat at Haji Hussein.

“This was the work of my grandfather,” said Mohammed Hussein, who runs the business that has been in his family since the 1930s, when Fallujah was a city of agriculture, smuggling and tribal traditions, not a strength of jihadism.

The, shiny and well-lit restaurant is full almost every night, and diners have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for a table is vacated, something quite unusual in Iraq. There are two flat screen TV on the first floor where you can see the news channels reporting on the military campaign to reclaim Fallujah, which is under the control of the Islamic State.

“I can not stand to watch the news,” Hussein said.

Recently a last minute news caught his attention: the Iraqi air forces, like the US 12 years ago, they announced that they had bombed the place where his restaurant was in Fallujah because EI leaders gathered there.

Continue reading the main storyPhoto

A child scale the rubble of Haji Hussein in Fallujah in 2004 after US forces launched a military offensive since the site was recognized as one of the meeting places of Abu Musab al – Zarqawi, one of the insurgents most wanted Iraq. CreditAmmar Daham / Agence France-Presse – Getty Images

The Joint Operations Command Iraq made a statement on television: “Based on intelligence we learned of the meeting of the leaders of EI in the Haji Hussein restaurant inside the center of Fallujah, so that an airstrike was launched local, where they were killed dozens of terrorists EI “.

Hussein said the restaurant had been uninhabited for two and a half years.

Recently, when Iraqi forces managed to enter Fallujah, almost immediately people started talking about the Haji Hussein. Federal police released a video in which they were reported in combat near the restaurant and you could glimpse the ocher facade damaged, but not destroyed. On state television, commentators expressed their hope that the Haji Hussein could reopen soon in Fallujah.

In 2004, the US military bombed the restaurant because they had intelligence reports that insurgents loyal to Abu Musab Zarqawi, the founder of Al Qaeda in Iraq, the precursor of the Islamic State group were eating there.

This is the holy month of Ramadan, and Baghdad restaurant has been busy lately serving iftar , the evening meal that ends the fasting day.Parking is usually crowded and noisy: a security guard checked the car for bombs; a man sells balloons families; there are children who ask for money.

One recent night, while Hussein, 49, sat chatting, circulated around waiters with bow tie (most of the staff of Fallujah is now at the new location) that filled the tables of dishes mezze (a selection of snacks ), while the guests waited for him to finish the fast, he also use food costing software.

In addition to dishes and the famous kebab dishes, there were dates dipped in sesame seed paste, watermelon, hummus, cucumber and tomato salad, pickles and soup. Now the menu includes new dishes that are not served in Fallujah river carp grilled, known as masgoof ; a Yemeni chicken and rice dish known as mandi ; and Maklouba , a recipe chicken, eggplant and rice originating Palestine.

As customers entered the restaurant, Hussein tried to remember the number of times that the war had damaged or destroyed his restaurant in Fallujah.

“Too many to count,” he said.

At least inside the restaurant, Iraq does not seem so hopelessly divided by sects. Sunnis and Shias end his fast with very little time difference and, shortly before nightfall, someone turns on a television channel in a Sunni; on the other Iraqiya television channel the government is Shiite.

When one of the channels heard the call to prayer -the signal that fasting the day had finished-, Sunnis began to eat. Approximately fifteen minutes later, the Shi’a diners did the same.

Lorenzo Silva: “In Afghanistan there was no choice but to intervene”

Bevilacqua and Chamorro are back. But this time the investigation of a new crime take them for the first time in Spain bound for Afghanistan. Specifically ‘ Where scorpions ‘ (Destination), the title of the next installment of the literary saga of Lorenzo Silva  is no other place as the basis of Herat where the Spanish contingent was until last year.

Lorenzo Silva mind that until we spent a week at the base did not know what was holding a new case for this pair of bloodhounds of the Civil Guard . This time they face the death of a sergeant occurred within the Spanish base and, therefore, have to travel to the desert, war and the land of scorpions to investigate alongside theGAR (Group Rapid Action). That is the reason that has led Silva to present his best novel in the quarter of Logroño where it is formed and resides Rural Action Unit ( UAR ) of the Civil Guard, which specializes in terrorism (born to confront ETA) and special operations , which was deployed at the base Camp Arena in Herat since 2003 by, among others, needlework military police and Qala-i-Naw, where two companions and translator who accompanied them were killed in an attack 2010 , and the Base Aerial of Zaragoza, where he is deployed the Ala 31 ejecito Air that was in Afghanistan since 2001.

Spanish literature had forgotten, and itwas negligence, the reality of Spain in international conflicts like Iraq or Afghanistan“In the last decade was a chapter that Spanish literature had forgotten, and it was a negligence that was the reality of Spain in international conflicts such as Iraq or Afghanistan, but also Kosovo or Bosnia. the literature has done as well not exist, repeating what was done in his time with the war in Morocco. the novel tries to exploit that part of the Spanish actually less known but very significant , “explains the author to El Confidencial. So I wanted Bevilacqua and Chamorro, his most famous and which reaches more public figures, were the protagonists of this trip to an international mission. “As the series has progressed, I have assumed that Bevilacqua is my way of telling the Spanish reality contemporary. It is my prime broker to tell it .”

In July 2014, Lorenzo Silva managed to travel eight days to the base of Herat. Your feelings are describing his most famous agent. “The first thing that strikes you are the most basic physical sensations. The heat ago – much warmth and dust . These chewing dust continually. And the landscape is completely desolate. I got out for a walk with a convoy per share outside and impresses you know you’re in a bubble surrounded by a potentially hostile territory but on the other hand, is there in front of you. you’re under the same sun and the same powder but on another planet literally “analyzes.

Lorenzo Silva by the UAR after attending a sham intervention in Logroño (Marta Calvo)
Lorenzo Silva by the UAR after attending a sham intervention in Logroño (Marta Calvo)

Precisely these are the sensations that highlight many of the GAR Civil Guards who have been in Afghanistan. “I devoured the book in six hours , ” said Sergeant Jose Manuel Espejo . “Afghanistan was a part of my life a little apart. The last time I visited was in 2013, but this book has transported me back there. There are many details that, if you have not been there, you would not know see how that stroke heat and dust sensation of breathing immediately after stepping off the ramp of the Hercules. ”

“I thought I was not going back to Afghanistan but with this book I came back. It’s a challenge and is quite successful. It is very similar to how it was that post Civil Guard 6,000 kilometers from our border , ” adds Sergeant Javier Latorre , who was the last to leave the country and responsible for lowering the Spanish flag base. A base, by the way, that ours was known as a spa and as a paradise for Americans, as has the Sergeant Felix Lozano , who witnessed the attack that killed two of his colleagues in 2010. highlights another Silva issues addressed in his novel: the family of the military and civil guards who travel abroad. “It ‘s the hardest part , ” he says and stresses that the true heroes are the families who hope in the midst of uncertainty.

“Iraq was a mistake from beginning to end”

In the epilogue of ‘Where scorpions’ Silva says that this novel is a tribute to the civilian and military guards who have given their lives in “the long, often little known and less well understood mission of the Spanish troops in Afghan lands.”Asked why he says that “although this has been a very long speech and in many of its phases has specific agreements in Parliament to authorize the contingent has deepened little why he left or why he was there, what he was doing, what was assumed risk or at what cost were taking and inflicting “. ” In Afghanistan there was no choice but to intervene . In Iraq itself am convinced it was a mistake from beginning to end , ” he adds.

The fundamental problem, he continues, is the communication in such operations to the citizens. “If the goal is to establish a Western democracy in Afghanistan, it is nonsense. It ‘s like putting a chicken farm on Mars. It makes no sense and are not going to get , ” exemplifies. In this mission itself have contributed something. For starters, he notes, “more security for certain layers of the population most exposed and a little more humanity for women. Make the analysis of whether that something worth investing in life or in euros is much more difficult.”

Silva during a mock intervention on the ground of the UAR (Marta Calvo)
Silva during a mock intervention on the ground of the UAR (Marta Calvo)

Also within this desire to describe how it evolves and it is our country, national politics has its place in ‘Where scorpions’. We are in 2014 and Vila and Chamorro talk in the car of the results of the European elections, the emergence of we in the political arena and doubts about whether or not will sink in Spanish politics. What if this conversation occurred in 2016? ” I ‘d have to write it very carefully, but it is clear that looming in 2014 I would not call revolution but substantial change of circumstances”.

15M and those elections were the first serious signs that “someone had pulled the rope too and had broken” he continues. “We are in a situation where clearly understood on which were running no longer works. That is, we have two parties that come from living well in a system designed for their needs, but that has run out. I think not there has been pact because they have not noticed that has run out, that the world was wonderful with absolute majorities, where one could finance the games without limit and even some take money ran out Switzerland . that’s over. it will to reinvent. already tried Granados with Punic and got caught. it seems then how easy it is not to reinvent the system. and there must be something new. that again will be that suddenly we will achieve peace and justice universalnbsp; Well , no. ”

This that half the country is imposed on the other half with intolerable conditions have to leave at some point, “I have some pessimism in some things, but I’m also optimistic that, if someone intelligent, the party representing the traditional policy it will have to realize that  you have to redo the speech  and the new policy that you can not make ‘tabula rasa’. Put the PP takes at least seven million votes the 26J. I do not know if anyone is thinking of deporting these seven million citizens to have a country to the best of their dreams and storm the heavens as well. it ‘s not going to be able to be. and it can not be the mess made by the PP over the years. This that half the country imposed on the other half with intolerable conditions will have to leave at some point , “he says.

That future will be that, most likely, it is reflected in the next adventures of Bevilacqua and Chamorro. Silva confirmed that the saga will continue with a novel every two years at the same time suggests that the next installment is already clear in his head. It will be the tenth of this adventure thriller that recalls, when he devised in 1995 was rejected six times by publishers. ” When I started, the crime novel editorial was leprous ” he says. If it was up starring a couple of civil guards, the predictions could not be worse then. “I told the black novel was not interested in Spain, which had a roof and very few readers and some civil guards was not going to eat a thread, people hated the Civil Guard. At the time that was the conclusion right “.

However, today the black novel has an extraordinary health and Silva saw in that infamous of the Civil Guard the opportunity to innovate . “It was an opportunity to be original, to go against and do what nobody has done. When I discovered that century and a half Guardia Civil investigating crimes and one Spanish writer had made a detective novel with them as an actor, I thought it was for me. How nobody had done! I had the intuition that literarily in his hands something that had not taken advantage of anyone and it was a literary gem, because of what you flee in literature is the usual , what all the world has read “he says while as Bevilacqua and Chamorro, ended this landing at the base of Torrejon de Ardoz aboard a Hercules adventure.


When Israel invaded southern Lebanon in mid-2006, he was ignominiously rejected by Iran-backed Hezbollah. Since then, the Jewish state has entered so “we must annihilate Iran”, making it impossible to drag US its war against Iran. Almost seven years later, the ‘windows of opportunity’ for Israel are closing rapidly.

“My older brother will beat …”

This is still the implicit message from Israel to Iran. While Bush Junior, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and neocons in Washington ruled, associate US this warmongering effort against Iran was not too difficult. Especially considering that Israel always has “a little help from his friends” within the powerful US .: Israeli ‘lobby’ pro led by AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee).

The problems for Israel worsened in 2008 when Bush was replaced by Barack Obama, whose team Democrats are not all fans of type ‘Israel First’.

To this it is added the growing resistance of the ‘Establishment’ military US foreign policy a highly controlled by the ‘lobby’ pro Israel, which led to US successive fiascos in Iraq, Afghanistan and the growing collapse of the ‘Arab Spring’.

Over large sections of American and world public opinion are becoming aware of the danger posed by this American addiction to Israel, which makes US fight the wars of Israel, against its own national interest.

In his last message to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu displayed a graph shaped like a bomb with which tried to show the world how close is the “big, bad Iran” have an atomic bomb, he says, used to delete the “good little Israel” off the map.

Clearly, Netanyahu would have loved Zionist billionaire Mitt Romney entered the White House in the November presidential election in the US but he failed and Obama still occupying it. To make matters worse, Obama had the audacity to appoint a ‘non-Zionist’, Chuck Hagel, moderate Pentagon chief.

Well it seems that US It has adopted a more moderate position on the ‘Iran problem’, aware of the serious geopolitical dangers that any unilateral US military attack, Israel and NATO against Iran would result because it could escalate into a direct confrontation with Russia.

Meanwhile, Iran does not budge regarding its nuclear program, a subject in which the Obama Administration has taken a stance strangely calm. Nor surprising that the US seems to have given a subtle nod to Argentina to enter into bilateral negotiations with Iran over the case of terrorist attack on the AMIA AMIA in Buenos Aires in 1994, after Bush obtained that Argentine President Nestor Kirchner falsely accused Iran of it . All based on “evidence” provided by the CIA and Mossad in October 2006, months after the Israeli defeat in Lebanon.

So, what exactly is going on here? What is the reason US and Israel seem to be quarreling about how to approach Iran?

US’s worst nightmare

It seems that the US and Israel today have interests and increasingly divergent goals for Iran.

Those of Israel are easy to understand: Iran is your greatest enemy and one of the few countries that can exert a strong, independent and credible leadership in the Muslim world. Among its ‘unyielding’ objectives it is to sweep the Zionist regime in Palestine: what the Western yellow press misrepresented as “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map”.

United States, however, has a different concern: nothing to do with the Iranian nuclear program, but with the dollar.

For many decades, using the Federal Reserve Bank, USA It has been issuing huge amounts of dollars unbacked to finance its huge deficit now climbed to more than 15 billion dollars.

That’s all fine as long as the money flow and finish “somewhere far side”: for example, the treasures of central banks of friendly countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and even countries not as friendly as China; or while you keep turning and turning in such financial carousels that are bond markets and … .in the huge global market for oil.
Washington’s message is clear: “Keep turning those dollars and invested in those markets … so we can continue to issue more and more dollars!”.

Of course, none dare call this “inflation”. The technocrats have invented most elegant euphemisms like ‘Relief Quantitative I, II and III’, ‘financing toxic assets’ or ‘rescue mega-banks too big to fail …’.

But no matter how you call it, inflation always has the same rotten smell.

Public Enemies

In the background, USA He knows that it is a giant with feet of clay. If China, for example, decided to sell its nearly two trillion reserves in Treasuries and other dollar denominated financial instruments changing them short-term euro would generate an inflationary disaster in US

But it is not likely to happen, at least not now- due to the complexity of global financial markets makes neither China nor any other power with large dollar reserves are ready to take such action.

However there is another much more physical, concrete and other strategic threat that keeps you awake to Washington: the oil market.

Here we are one of the reasons why this American free ride is coming to an end. We can plot like this: whenever Argentina, South Africa or Japan need to buy a barrel of crude oil, its people must work to earn the $ 100 it costs in the international market. US, however, only need to print $ 100 to buy that oil. The same applies to claim the money needed to invade Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan annihilate: print the money needed to keep oil flowing and keep falling bombs

It is understood? ‘That’s easy being a’ superpower ‘!!

But delve deeper into the subject … Imagine what would happen if those billions and billions of petrodollars that are rotated and regurgitate globally suddenly escape the control of the three three- -ysolamente oil markets in New York, London and Dubai trading exclusively in dollars … If, for example, any country or group of oil exporting countries create a cuartomercado oil, which no longer traded in dollars but in euros, yen, rubles and yuan …

Considering the huge amounts of oil consumed by China, India and Japan, it arises a new and successful oil market, the same shift huge volumes of petrodollars would turn away from global circuits, moving to the US domestic financial circuits.

Can you imagine what that would mean that suddenly hundreds of billions of petrodollars and ‘released’ to flow back to the US?

Massive destruction weapons

Like the proverbial cat playing with the mouse between its paws, since at least 2005 this is exactly what they are doing Iran threatens to open a fourth oil market would use other currencies instead of the dollar. If you do, you probably China would support considering that gets much of its oil from Iran; also India.

If the Chavistas manage to stay in power, Venezuela could also be attached to this new market … Do you understand now because US Venezuela needs control? We sell their oil in dollars but …!

Even Russia, which does not need Iranian oil, could well accompany such a project for geopolitical reasons more than economic considering its growing clashes with the West. Last year there were even strong rumors that India would buy oil from Iran paying for it with metallic gold.

The Iranians understand this perfectly and use it strategically. Do not forget that their Persian ancestors were the inventors of chess …

So, how I would love to US annihilate Iran! But not for its nuclear program but the blow that may deal him the dollar. Do not forget that this has already happened twice in the last decade:

1. IRAQ: As part of UN sanctions after the first Gulf War was allowed Saddam Hussein to sell 1,000 billion of Iraqi oil in exchange for food and medicines. Suddenly in 2000 that Saddam started selling oil in euros. Immediately afterwards, the neoconservative Bush and Blair announced to the world that Iraq had stockpiles of “weapons of mass destruction” and if he is not expelled Saddam from power, you’ll soon have atomic clouds over London, Washington and New York! Then, in March 2003 the US, the UK and NATO attacked and destroyed Iraq, making lynching Saddam Hussein. And the “weapons of mass destruction”? “Sorry !! … we were wrong, but … Iraq today continues to sell its oil in dollars”.

2. LIBYA: In 2010 Muammar Gaddafi thought to create a new currency for oil trade all North African Gold Denarius be called to replace the dollar. Immediately afterwards the world learned by the US, France and Britain that Gaddafi was a formidable monster that must be annihilated. In 2011 also they attacked Libya assassinating Gaddafi to laughter televised Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Today Libya lies destroyed, but its new ‘authorities’ Libyan oil sold exclusively in dollars …

Points hatching

The key question now is to know what will prevail in the weeks and months to come: if the American national interest or national interest Israel.

This is a matter of real ‘Machtpolitik’ highest level.

So, just in case, the major Western multimedia obediently keep “all options on the table” issuing bellicose items to remind the world how bad are the Iranians with their insidious nuclear ambitions, how vulnerable is the Israel pobrecita with its security problems (after all that it is the reason why you are allowed to maintain the unique arsenal of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, right?); the delicate state of the global financial system that makes it must not allow anyone to ‘rock the boat’ and, of course, the eternal ‘War on Terror’.

But we already know; the gas masks, CPAP Masks are falling. What is really about oil, dollar, to keep the global financial system alive artificially for the benefit of usurers megabanqueros; and as always, it comes to Israel.

At the same time what is not is to defend the interests of the toiling masses in the US, Europe and the world. And finally, it is not about promoting authentic Democracy and Peoples’ Rights.

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This page talks about my political view of the War in Afghanistan News.

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This page talks about the United States' involvement in the Libyan War.

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I have posted a poem on this page written by a person I use to work with on the Poppy Eradication Force in Afghanistan.

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If you are interested in good job opportunities in Iraq and/or in Afghanistan, I have composed a useful list of companies for you.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia
This page talks about Jobs in Saudi Arabia and other areas of the Middle East as well.

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This page is about DoD Jobs for civilians.

Kuwait Jobs
This page is a daily update for Kuwait jobs with Iraq and Afghanistan.

AAFES in Iraq aka Army Air Force Exchange Service can be found on almost all of our military bases in Iraq.

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Security Jobs in Iraq
Security jobs in Iraq are plentiful. The United States military and civilian personnel need security protection.

Civilian Recruiters
This page lists some possible job contact information for civilian recruiters.

Police Jobs In Iraq
If you are looking for police jobs in Iraq, then you have a good chance of finding employment. Security jobs are numerous due to volatile conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Medical Jobs in Iraq
This page talks about Medical Jobs in Iraq. I saw these on Military Hire.

Job Listings For Iraq
When searching for job listings for Iraq, Military Hire.com has a good website. I have gotten leads off of it for both of my jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Electrician Jobs in Iraq
This page is about Electrician Jobs in Iraq.

Paramedic Jobs in Iraq
This page is about paramedic jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Contracting Jobs in Iraq
Contracting Jobs in Iraq are available but you will have to hunt for them and be patient.

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This page gives links to KBR Jobs in Afghanistan.

Northrop Grumman Jobs
This page is about Northrop Grumman Jobs.

Truck Driving Jobs in Iraq
This page is about Truck Driving Jobs in Iraq.

Security Companies in Iraq
Security Companies in Iraq have a hard job protecting civilians from insurgents.

Jobs with Halliburton in Iraq
This page is about Jobs with Halliburton in Iraq.

Salerno Afghanistan
This page talks about Salerno Afghanistan otherwise knows as Camp Salerno or FOB Salerno.

Care Packages To Iraq and Afghanistan
The best way to send care packages to Iraq is by US mail. Your package will be sent to Iraq by a military overseas address.

Camp Phoenix Afghanistan
This page is about Camp Phoenix Afghanistan.

Flight To Kabul
My second flight to Kabul was delayed.....After flying over 200,000 miles without any problems,back and forth to places in the Middle East, I finally got a delay. This led to my nonstop flight to Du

Afghanistan Climate
This page talks about the Afghanistan Climate which varies from hot and dry in the Summer with dust storms to cold and wet in the Winter with lots of snow especially in the higher elevations.

Location Afghanistan
I am now in my new home away from home. Location Afghanistan. I have spent the last few days inprocessing.

Russian in Afghanistan
This page is about Russian in Afghanistan and other information.

Taliban In Afghanistan
On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked on home soil. The Taliban in Afghanistan, namely Osama bin Laden, was responsible.

Afghanistan Time Zone
This page is about the Afghanistan Time Zone.

Afghanistan Major Cities
This page is about Afghanistan Major Cities and other comments by the Author.

Photos From Afghanistan
This page is full of photos from Afghanistan to show you how clean and beautiful it is.

Large Map of Afghanistan
This page is about Large Map of Afghanistan and other maps and information of the country.

Afghanistan Flight To Kabul
So you are taking your first Afghanistan flight. Flying in and out of Kabul Airport is fairly routine. Here are a few tips that might help with your entry and departure at Kabul.

Treatment of Women in Afghanistan
Treatment of Women in Afghanistan

Iraq Pullout
The Iraq pullout or drawdown or end of combat in Iraq is well underway as some 80,000 American troops have been pulled out of Iraq as of August 2010...

Air Iraq
This page is about Air Iraq which is the new air line for Iraq. They will have direct flights from Iraq to Washington.

Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaida
Osama bin Laden started Al-Qaeda also spelled al-Qaida. In 1996, he moved from Sudan to Afghanistan and forged an alliance with the Taliban.

This page is about Al-Sadr and his call for attacks on the United States because of Israel's attacks on Hamas.

Ali Al Saleem Airbase
Going to Iraq from Ali Al Saleem Airbase in Kuwait takes time. Bring your patience and some good books to read.

Why Is America In Iraq?
Why is America in Iraq? Well, if we do not win in Iraq, the insurgents will look upon it as a victory. With this victory they will bring religious slaughter to Iraq and only the strongest religious

Arrival In Kuwait
Your arrival in Kuwait begins when you stop off the plane from the United States and/or Europe.

Assyria was a kingdom on the Tigris River. Its first capitol was Assur but later it was changed to Ninevah.

Ancient Babylon is modern day Al Hillah, Iraq. Its ruins are about 80 kilometers south of Baghdad.

Baghdad International Airport
Baghdad International Airport is now both a military and a civilian airport. It has a military terminal and a civilian terminal.

Balad Iraq
Our adventure in Balad Iraq started when we had taken a trip up to Camp Danger in Tikrit. On the way home to Baqubah, our adventure began.....

Baqubah Iraq
One of the major hot zones in Ithis country is Baqubah Iraq. I spent 18 months there at Camp Warhorse and we took a ton of incoming.

Basra Iraq Controlled By Iraqi Forces
Today, September 3, 2007, is a big day in Basra Iraq! The last of the British troops providing security there pulled out.

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated At Age 54
As she waved to the masses from her vehicle's sunroof, Benazir Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan, was assassinated. She was shot in the neck on Thursday, December 27, 2007. The vehicle was

Beheaded In Iraq
Iraq contractors were told they were going to be beheaded in Iraq if they continued to work for us.

Blackwater Xe
The security company in Iraq known as Blackwater has changed its name to Xe. Blackwater Xe has had a lot of bad publicity in the news over the past few years.

Bored In Iraq
From time to time, the bombs stop dropping and we catch up on work and get bored in Iraq. While it is true that most of the time the military is busy fighting and patrolling and civilians are working

President Bush Visits Iraq Again
President Bush visits Iraq again today, Labor Day, September 3, 2007.

Camp Liberty Shooting
This page is about the Camp Liberty Shooting that took place on May 11th, 2009. This shooting was soldier on soldier violence.

Army Bases in Iraq
This page gives a list of Army Bases in Iraq. For detailed information visit the pages we have on actual bases.

Al Asad Airbase
I have been at Al Asad Airbase since October of 2005. I was called over by my company to build a hardward store.

Camp Bucca Iraq
This page is about Camp Bucca Iraq.

Camp Cobra
This page is about Camp Cobra, Iraq

Camp Danger
I took a trip to Speicher and Camp Danger in Tikrit in December of 2005, just after Christmas. Our company got a convoy together to ride with the Army.

Camp Falcon
This page information and pictures sent to us about Camp Falcon Iraq.

Camp Falcon Explosion
This page is a seris of videos and pictures of a Camp Falcon Explosion.

Camp Falcon Iraq
Camp Falcon Iraq is a base outside of Baghdad that used to be called Camp Ferrin-Huggins. In Arabic, this base is known as Camp Al-Saqr.

Camp Liberty Iraq
Camp Victory North, also known as Camp Liberty Iraq or Camp al-Tahreer, is located northeast of Baghdad International Airport.

Camp Taji Iraq
Camp Taji Iraq is located about 12 miles northwest of Baghdad. In addition to US troops being stationed at this camp, a portion of the Iraqi National Guard and the Iraqi Army are also there.

Camp Taqaddum
Camp Taqaddum or TQ for short is located in Central Iraq, 74 kilometers west of Baghdad. It is on the outskirts of Ramadi. This means it is inside of the dangerous al Anbar Province.

Camp Victory In Baghdad
In early 2005, I traveled from Baqubah to Camp Victory in Baghdad for a company meeting.

Camp Victory Iraq
I just received orders this past weekend to head to Camp Victory Iraq instead of Fallujah or Baqubah. I visited Camp Victory for a short business trip a few years ago but did not get to see much.

Camp Warhorse Baqubah
I would like to share the story of how I first got to Camp Warhorse Baqubah.

Atlas Map of Iraq
This page talks about Atlas Map of Iraq.

Canadian Forces Afghanistan
Canadian Forces Afghanistan mission began soon after the attacks on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001.

Christmas Packages To Iraq
Christmas is upon us, especially for those wanting to send Christmas packages to Iraq for a loved one or for a soldier in general.

Sending Package to Iraq
This page is about sending package to Iraq from another country than the United States.

Casualties In Iraq War
The American casualties in Iraq war show that currently 4047 (as of April 23, 2008) troops and civilians have been killed, and more are killed everyday.

Causes Of War With Iraq
Causes of war with Iraq are controversial, not only in America, but around the world. President Bush calls it the war on terror and, indeed, it is a war on terror.

Christmas In Iraq
Christmas in Iraq can be downright depressing. You are away from your loved ones, your home, all that is familiar.

Civilian Jobs In Iraq
Civilian jobs in Iraq are plentiful and most pay very well, especially the jobs with American companies.

Climate Iraq
Operation Climate Iraq began today. This operation seeks to keep contractors in Iraq aware of the heat and the need to drink plenty of water.

Climate in Baghdad Iraq
This page is about the climate in Baghdad Iraq.

Civilian Travel Iraq
Civilian travel Iraq and other parts of the Middle East is fairly simple but it takes time. Bring your patience with you, along with a few good books to read.

Combat Footage Iraq
This page has Combat Footage Iraq. Some things you see will upset you so be sure you really want to look at these before you start.

Construction Jobs in Iraq
During one of my construction jobs in Iraq, there was a change of personnel and I found myself promoted to camp manager.

Contract Work In Iraq
So you want to do some contract work in Iraq and make a good salary? Great. But there are some things you must know about working outside of the country first.

Contractor Jobs In Iraq
For the past four years, I have had several contractor jobs in Iraq.

Culture In Iraq
Culture in Iraq is openly expressed through music, sculpture, and, to a lesser degree, movies.

The Culture Of Iraq
The culture of Iraq is diverse. About 75% of the Iraqi people are Arab.

Currency Exchange Involving Iraqi Dinar
From the first day I landed in Iraq I heard people talk about currency exchange involving Iraqi dinar. They were buying up Iraqi dinar in some scheme of selling it back for many times what they paid

Customs in Iraq
This page is about Customs in Iraq, both people and exporting/importing.

Day War Started
The day war started can be traced back to August of 1990, when Saddam attacked Kuwait. Why did Saddam attack Kuwait?

Declare War On Iraq
This page is about a discussion I had with an individual on Declare War on Iraq.

Desert Sandstorms In Iraq And Afghanistan
Desert sandstorms in the Middle East are common. They can come up suddenly, with little to no warning and catch many Americans by surprise! Yes, I have been surprised by Iraq sandstorms and by Afghani

Dubai Airport
Some companies will fly you to Dubai Airport, instead of Kuwait before you enter Iraq.

Eating In Iraq
The defac or dining facility is the main place for civilians and the military alike for eating in Iraq.

Electricity In Iraq
I get a lot of e-mails about electricity in Iraq. When traveling outside the United States it is important to remember that electrical current is different.

Employment In Iraq
During my employment in Iraq, I worked with some Filipinos. I had one who was a hard worker.

Female Soldiers In Iraq
There are many female soldiers in Iraq. There are outstanding women in our brave US military, but this article is about Iraqi women.

Fallujah Iraq
Fallujah Iraq is about forty miles to the west of Baghdad on the Euphrates River. It has become the most violent city in Iraq during the war and is home to the Sunni resistance group called Wahabi.

Fast Food In Iraq
Surprisingly, fast food in Iraq is available on military bases. Civilians and military personnel can eat it now.

Flight To Iraq
Once you are through with immigration processing, you will get ready for your flight to Iraq.

Food In Iraq
Food in Iraq is provided by the United States military and other sources.

Garden Of Eden In Iraq Is Possibly Located In Qurna
Qurna is believed by many to be the location of the Garden of Eden in Iraq.

Halliburton Iraq
Halliburton Iraq, also known as KBR (Kellogg, Brown, and Root), is big business for the company once run by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Holidays In Iraq
For civilians, the holidays in Iraq and in Afghanistan are pretty much the same as any workday. The various companies I have worked for did nothing very special.

Hesco Barrier
This page is about the Hesco Barrier or Hesco for short used for defense in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tigris River Honeymoon Island In Baghdad
Did you know that Iraq has a Tigris River Honeymoon Island In Baghdad? A news story on the internet this past week caught my attention. All we ever hear about is war and destruction

Insects In Iraq
Insects in Iraq are abundant. Sand flies in Iraq are very small creatures that jump and transmit an irritating disease that can be deadly.

Internet In Iraq
Keeping in touch with your loved ones during the war is easy with the internet in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Satellite Internet In Iraq
Guess what? Even though it is a desert in a war zone, there is satellite internet in Iraq!

Iraqi Airlines
Iraqi Airlines is better known as Iraqi Airways. Iraqi Airways is the oldest airline in the Middle East beginning back in 1946. Iraqi Airways continued to operate with 17

Iraq Bases Water
Don't drink Iraq bases water! Water supplies are low here, much of it polluted.

Iraq Beer
The page is about American Military getting Iraq Beer for the Suprer Bowl.

Iraq Beheading
An Iraq beheading is always an unnecessary tragedy performed by insurgents. One of the saddest days for us while I was at Camp Warhorse in Baqubah, was to find out that three of our workers were

Iraq Christmas
Some more Iraq Christmas stories are listed on this page, along with some spent at home. Looks like I will be spending this Christmas (2008) away from my family again, this time in Afghanistan...

Iraq Combat Footage
Iraq Combat Footage starts off with an M1 tank firing at some insugents in a building.

Iraq Construction Jobs
My travels because of my Iraq construction jobs have taken me to a lot of different countries.

Iraqi Dinar Forums
iThere are many Iraqi dinar forums hosted by people offering various opinions on what should be done and what should not be done regarding this topic. There are many sites about investing/buying Iraqi

Iraq Food
Do you ever wonder what authentic Iraq food is like? What do the people of Iraq eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Iraq Geography
Iraq geography is a contrast, from snowy mountain peaks to sea level at the Gulf, from desert sands to the Garden of Eden.

Iraq History
A brief Iraq history is as follows: It gained its independence from British rule in 1932.

Iraqi Holidays
Iraqi holidays are generally determined by the position of the moon. There is a general idea when a holiday will be but the exact date of a particular holiday is determined by the lunar cycle of the

Iraq Jobs
This page is about Iraq jobs. These are jobs in Iraq with an Iraqi company.

Iraqi Location
Everyone wants to know what his/her Iraqi location will be as soon as a civilian or one of our military troops says he/she is being deployed. There are so many bases in Iraq to choose from.

Iraq Oil Industry
This page talks about the Iraq Oil Industry.

Iraq People
The Sunni Iraq people supported Saddam Hussein.

Iraq Security Jobs
Iraq security jobs are abundant now, both on and off of military bases here. Many of these security companies are American, but some are not.

Iraq Religion
The official Iraq religion is Islam. Muslims (those who practice Islam) account for a whopping 97% of the Iraqi population.

Iraq Snipers
Camp Warhorse at Baqubah was subject to Iraq Snipers.

Iraq Silly String
A big shipment is on its way to the war. What is it? Iraq Silly String . But why? First if you do not have kids, you may not know what this toy is.

Iraq Spiders
I have been receiving a lot of e-mails about Iraq spiders, namely camel spiders. Are they for real? Do they really exist? Yes!

Iraq Soldiers
Iraq soldiers are being trained by American soldiers to take their place.

Iraq Updates
Iraq updates of the latest news is being put on my site for your convenience. It helps us to stay updated with what is going on all over the country. When you are in the middle of a warzone,

Iraq War Beheadings
In 2004 and 2005, Iraq War beheadings were the insurgents choice weapon of terror. However, there was a large out cry about the Iraq war beheadings by the Iraqis and even Al Queda started to speak

Iraq War Bombing
Iraq war bombing is now a way of life. I have experienced a lot of them and so have many of my buddies.

Iraq War Casualty Statistics
This page is about Iraq War Casualty Statistics for all countries.

Iraqi War Footage
When searching for Iraqi War footage, I can say a few things but mostly I will give you web sites to go to. There is a lot of footage out there. You just have to know where to look.

Iraq War Helicopter
In the Iraq war helicopter travel is one of the most-used modes of transportation for both military personnel and civilians.

Iraq War Pics
This page depicts life in Iraq by showing Iraq war pics. These are not of the war, but of the people fighting and supporting the war.

Weather In Iraq
Weather in Iraq can be as messy as a Michigan snowstorm in the upper peninsula.

This page is about Islam growth.

KIA Iraq
KIA Iraq is a hard subject to talk about. Already thousands of American lives have been taken in their prime. Many thousands more bear the scars of service, both physical and mental.

John McCain AKA John Mcain
Our choices for the presidency this year (2008) are John McCain aka John Mcain as some are spelling it or Barack Obama. Are they the best people for the job? I do not think so. I have tried to remai

List Of Cities In Iraq
fAre you looking for a list of cities in Iraq? Looking for a list of hotels in Iraq and vacation spots? Well there are not any at this point. The only people camping, touring and visiting Iraq are

Map Of Baghdad Iraq
A map of Baghdad Iraq can be purchased from National Geographic.com.

Map Of Balad Iraq
When looking for a map of Balad Iraq, it is important to remember that maps of some locations are hard to come by. The reason for this is the military does not want insurgents to get any information

Marines Afghanistan
It would seem that Marines Afghanistan is becoming more popular as President Obama has ordered some 30,000 more troops to deploy to Afghanistan in hopes that they would have the same success the build

Married Troops In Iraq
Guess what? American married troops in Iraq are now getting to live together as husband and wife while serving their country!

Iraq is the home of ancient Mesopotamia, otherwise known as the cradle of civilization.

Meals In Iraq
Military meals in Iraq, whether in battle or the field, are popularly known as MRE's or meals ready to eat.

Military Bases In Iraq
Depending on where you are living, life on military bases in Iraq is not that bad. It all depends on your housing.

Money In Iraq
Money in Iraq in the form of cash for the coalition and civilian contractors is not used very often.

Dedication to Tommy Maness at Camp Warhorse
Tommy Maness was known as Generator One at Camp Warhorse, Baqubah. There was not a generator on base he could not fix when called upon to do so. He was very gifted with engines.

Navy Seals In Iraq
Did you know that there are Navy Seals in Iraq? As I was scanning a list of those killed in Iraq, I was surprised to see that a lot of Navy people were killed in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

News Of War In Iraq
News of war in Iraq is easy now compared to how it was back in 1990 during the first Gulf War.

Remember the city of Nineveh mentioned in the Bible? In the biblical account of Jonah, God commanded Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach.

People In Iraq
The people in Iraq are divided into sects. The Taliban is a group of fundamentalist Sunni Muslims.

Prayer for Soldiers
Prayer for soldiers and reading the Bible are what will sustain our troops and civilians in harm's way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Population Of Iraq
The Shiite people or Shi'a people are the majority of the population of Iraq.

Reason For War With Iraq
Many Americans are searching for a reason for war with Iraq. Why are we in Iraq?

Reasons To Stay In Iraq
America is searching desperately for reasons to stay in Iraq as the American death toll rises, as more Americans are permanently disabled, and as families fall apart due to the separation from their l

Religion In Iraq
The main religion in Iraq is Islam. Islam was founded as a religion by Mohammed in the seventh century. It has 2 branches.

Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein was captured by the United States military in December of 2002. He was in an underground bunker, alone.

Scott Speicher
This page is about Captain Scott Speicher, an American pilot who was shot down during the First Gulf War.

Shopping In Iraq
If military and civilian personnel want to go shopping in Iraq, the PX (base store) is the most popular place and usually the only place to go.

Skype In Iraq
I discovered Skype in Iraq back in 2004. At that time I would sign on and talk from my computer to my wife at home in San Antonio through her computer.

Snacks In Iraq
Military personnel and civilians alike love to eat snacks in Iraq and around the world.

Sports In Iraq
This page talks about Sports In Iraq.

Taji Iraq
Taji Iraq is a rural region about twenty miles north of Baghdad. Taji is the location of a large United States military base that has a prision complex full of insurgents. The population of Taji is

Toy Guns in Iraq
This site is about toy guns in Iraq.

Truck Driving Iraq
There are many truck driving Iraq. You can get one starting around $70,000 a year if you complete the entire year on your contract.

Vacation in Dubai
This page talks about taking a vacation in Dubai.

Vacation in Kuwait
This page is about taking a vacation in Kuwait.

War Of Iraq And America
The First Gulf War of Iraq and America happened because Saddam Hussein got greedy. He saw the tiny, yet very rich country of Kuwait and decided he could take possession of it.

War of Iraq and USA
On March 20, 2003, the Second Gulf War of Iraq and USA began. United Nations sanctions from the First Gulf War were responsible for a lack of nutritious food and adequate medicine in Iraq.

War Of Iraq
I can give you a ton of information on the war of Iraq. I have been there off and on for over three years now.

Water Iraq
You may have read a recent article about the water Iraq has in early March of 2008. This particular article was about KBR.

Weapons of Mass Destruction
This page is about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Why War With Iraq
This page is a fellow up for why war with Iraq.

Wildlife In Iraq
I did not see a lot of wildlife in Iraq or Afghanistan. So I am not entirely sure what remains in the country. But I had a feeling that a lot of the wildlife no longer exists. I did not

Women Soldiers Iraq
American women soldiers Iraq fight valiantly for the freedom of the Iraqi people just as our male soldiers do. Male and female soldiers are treated equally in the military and in Iraq.

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